HiFi-WiFi™ Educational Resources

HiFi-WiFi™ & 247HOTSPOTZ.com Educational Resources Center

As a vendor of advanced digital state-of-the-art and open – mesh empowered cloud-platform Internet technologies, it is vital that all of our team members  take personal initiatives to best educate themselves in these fields of expertise. Because the inventor of HiFi-WiFi, Joel Bales, is also the co-founder of  247HOTSPOTZ.com and CLOUD9WEB.xyz, and internationally recognized as an out-spoken activist on important  and relevant Human & Civil Rights issues such as NET NEUTRALITY; it is vital for our continued mutual success in the Consumer Cloud & Internet Technologies industries – that every team member is knowledgeable about exactly why our Consumer Cloud Internet Technologies represent a far superior value for an average household and/or small business.

Each team member must be able to educate our customers “why” our products are better than any other similar product available in today’s market.

Furthermore, every member of our team is also expected to know exactly what products are in development by our competitors that could possibly pose a true challenge to the technological advantages and the market share our organization’s team members enjoy today.

Towards these goals, this page will maintain links to relevant and newsworthy information to help support our individual team members’ personal educational initiatives in these areas of expertise.

Each individual team member is expected to BOOKMARK this page and then intend to visit and refresh no less than twice per month to stay up-to-date on industry wide Cloud Computing & Internet Technologies consumer news, innovations and new products launching both within our organization and those organizations of our colleagues and competition.

Very soon, and much like our organizational founders, our team members will rather quickly become “experts” and leaders in this new field of computing science through our mutual dedication to empowering each others’ higher-education; including the rational, reasonable and well researched advancement of the Cloud Computing & Internet Technologies industries at large.

TIP – A1:  Go to your Google.com / GMAIL account (open a new Google.com account if you do not already use one). Go to “GOOGLE ALERTS” and there create NEWS ALERTS for yourself that are relevant. For example, create one alert that is equal to, “WiFi.” Next, create alerts that are specific to your geography and city and/or create alerts that is specific to your particular niche, if any, in the new public, private & residential HiFi-WiFimarketplace. For example, “Free WiFi hot spots Atlanta, Ga” or “WiFi hospitality hotel.”