About 247 Hot Spotz

247HotSpotz.com began the summer of 2017 in Manhattan, Kansas when a local educator, inventor and entrepreneur, Joel Bales 45, sought a more efficient and economical way to boost, improve and consolidate his existing residential WiFi service in order to help his students complete their on-line homework more efficiently.  In a matter of several days, his front porch became a very popular place as college students, single soldiers and others in his community neighborhood began accessing the strongest and most secure WiFi signal available.

The part of our logo trademark representing the”24,” – is an ancient astrological symbol for the planet called Jupiter aka Jove, or the “jovial” planet of endless possibilities. The other logo elements should be self evident.

Then quickly sprung the ideas of building a better, stronger, more secure and much larger FREE WiFi Community network. As he began installing more Gateway Access Point units in his neighborhood to expand the new FREE WiFi signal he was broadcasting, thus sprung 247HotSpotz.com.

247HotSpotz.com now offers existing residential and commercial Internet customers the ability and opportunity to improve the strength of their existing WiFi signal and to share their unused monthly bandwidth with neighbors and community members for free, creating a true and FREE COMMUNITY WiFi.

247 Hot Spot members who are hosting our compact units for providing their neighbors FREE COMMUNITY WiFi, also have the opportunity to earn money when any of the free users accessing the Internet through their 247 unit, may choose to upgrade to a faster download or higher speed service through that particular host’s 247 Hot Spot Gateway / Access Point.

Begin power boosting your existing Internet WiFi today to become  your very own 247 Hot Spot.  Order your unit now to begin providing your neighborhood a secure, fast and true FREE COMMUNITY WiFi and you can start earning money for every free user who upgrades to a faster pay-per-stream tiered service. Commission checks the first week of each month.

Interested persons may order their very own 247HotSpotz.com Gateway Access Point unit here today and become their own FREE 247 Hot Spot within the week.

Back and front views of a plug & play 247 Hot Spot Gateway / Access Point.




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