The visionz of our organization are;

  • To  provide247HOTSPOTZ.com  members and end users a free, faster, stronger, more secure, more economical, more accessible, more efficient and an over-all better than average WiFi experience.
  • To provide 247HOTSPOTZ.com users enhanced free WiFi experiences through optional premium service upgrades, through partnerships with other local organizations and new business sponsors, thus providing all network principals and participants premium added values.
  • To naturally & organically encourage. support and facilitate functional “Net Neutrality,” by supporting Free Speech and Fair Trade on the Internet  via the sales and installations of our state-of-the-art proprietary technologies sold at 247HOTSPOTZ.com
  • To connect consumers and businesses via Free Community WiFi access in order to encourage others to help build a free local WiFi networks in their individual neighborhoods; with a vision of ultimately creating a truly free global Internet WiFi network.
The 247HotSpotz.com signal out-performz other neighborhood signalz.

247HOTSPOTZ.com installs  proprietary Open-Mesh gateway hardware manufactured exclusively by the Datto Company and we utilize CloudTrax ‘s global cloud networking software to provide users the cutting edge “Open-Mesh” WiFi Internet experience.

The results are FREE Community WiFi networks for local neighborhoods  that connects and empowers every smart device operator within the standard one-block radius of any panoramic Open-Mesh 247HOTSPOTZ.com WiFi Gateway Access Point.

Accessing our community-based WiFi system is 100% FREEfor both public and/or private device owners/operators.