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Imagine a world with FREE, Encrypted, HI-Speed ™ signal EVERYWHERE U GO TO. . .WELCOME 2 CLOUD9.xyz via 247HOTSPOTZ.com


Our Free Community WiFi network utilizes cable customers’ unused monthly bandwidth allowances to create powerful public access, FREE WiFi signals are created upon installing an Open-Mesh plug-and-play Gateway/Access Point into their existing cable internet router.




Many cable customers are surprised to learn that they are using LESS THAN HALF of the bandwidth they are paying for each and every month; however, once an average cable internet customer realizes how much extra bandwidth they leave unused each month – they become more than glad to share their extra bandwidth at a controlled low bit-rate for basic email checking; especially glad to share after learning they can also make money by becoming a 247HOTSPOTZ Free Community WiFi host.

Because,  when any 247HOTSPOTZ FREE WiFi public user chooses to upgrade to a faster download rate via tiered premium services from our log-in splash paqe, the same host of that 247HOTSPOTZ  Access Point receives a paid commission for each specific user converting to an upgraded premium paid service.

Although no cable company will ever refund any customers for their unused monthly bandwidth; now affiliate members and host sponsors for 247HotSpotz.com provide those persons the ability to both safely, securely and freely split and share unused bandwidth signal plus the opportunity to earn money when those free WiFi users choose to upgrade to an even faster download stream through their 247 Hot Spot unit.

Stronger, More Secure, Encrypted, High-Speed, Free WiFi Internet via CloudTrax and 247 Inc.


Becoming a 247 Hot Spot Gateway Access Point network member becomes a Win-Win-Win opportunity for all.

247HOTSPOTZ member hosts help us free community WiFi access to everybody within signals’ ranges. Simply by recycling their unused monthly bandwidth through our program, average Internet customers everywhere can not only provide this valuable public service, but also have the opportunity to create income to earn passive and residual incomes each month.

Plug, Play

By simply installing our compact, advanced, self-healing, open-mesh, plug and play 247 Hot Spot WiFi Gateway technology onto your existing network router, our organization is able to split and share your unused bandwidth up to 450 square feet (more than one city block)*.

Small and compact our Open-Mesh technology plugs into your existing router instantly upgrades your existing WiFi into an active 247HotSpotz.com FREE Community WiFi network.

The results are impressive. The primary result is building a secure and real FREE COMMUNITY WiFi network. Secondary benefits include power boosting your existing WiFi signal, recycling the unused monthly band-width you are already paying for and the opportunity to earn money when your localized free access users may choose to upgrade to even faster download streams via tiered pay-per-view options,

Becoming a “247 Hot Spot” Access Point / Gateway is extremely simple, taking less than about 10 minutes to install our plug and play technology to existing router.  It requires a small one-time minimum investment of about $150 USD. Once installed members are immediately able to offer neighbors FREE WiFi access and the opportunity to begin earning money from their unused monthly ISP bandwidth 247/365: all the while helping us build a better, stronger, faster, more secure FREE COMMUNITY WiFi network!!! 🙂

Start here today by ordering your own 247 Hot Spot Access Point Gateway which will ship to your front door via priority US Mail.  Once your unit arrives, simply plug it into a regular wall outlet and your existing Internet router with a basic ethernet cord. Your new Gateway Access Point will take a few minutes to configure itself. Once the light is green, simply call or email our office to alert us you are ready and we will add your Gateway / Access Point to your 247 Hot Spot FREE COMMUNITY WiFI network.

Then simply sit back, relax and smile knowing you are helping provide FREE COMMUNITY WiFi while providing yourself the opportunity to earn income reselling your unused bandwidth to those free customers wishing to upgrade through your unit.

*  Each 247 Hot Spot Gateway Access Point installed can broadcast a radial signal up-to 450 square feet under optimal conditions; however, this does not factor normal signal obstructions like walls, ceilings, trees, cars, etc.).


Back & front view of our 247 Hot Spot plug and play Free Wifi Gateway / Access Point.


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